Sinn Replica owns Zenith A3818.

Eric, it's not a question we have. We want Sinn Replica to know where the watch on your wrist came from. Eric continued, "I called the gentleman quickly and informed him that I was interested to purchase said watch. I then asked him if he had other watches available for sale. I was surprised to learn that he also had three other A3818s for sale.

"I replied, "You mean to tell me that you have four original A3818s?" [jaw planted on the ground now].

Eric then explained, "Breitling Replica The gentleman went to tell me that his dad was an executive at Zenith electronics. This company had purchased the watch company in early 1970s to buy its name and essentially close the company."

Here's the story about Charles Vermot and Zenith in their attic. It's available on our IGTV here.

Eric says that someone informed the executives that they brought over a lot of Swiss watches and set them up in a conference room on tables. "Then, these executives were asked if any of the watches would be available for them to take.

"No boxes, no papers, just watches. The father of this gentleman selected four A3818s for him, one each for his sons and one to keep unworn.

Eric knew exactly what Sinn Replica was available and didn't waste any time. But Eric is humble so he says, “Fortunately, I was in a position to purchase all four of them, all in beautiful condition with three currently in the collections of dear friend’s and the fourth previously unsold one (on the original strap with original buckle) now within my personal collection."

After the story was told, Eric gave us his opinion on the Zenith x Revolution Chronomaster Revival Reference. A3818 "Cover Girl". He shared, "A belatedcongratulations to Wei Koh, Zenith, The Rake, and Revolution Magazine for releasing the Zenith A3818 Cover Girl" Revival!"