Zabka Polska, owns one of the biggest chains of convenience stores in Poland, and provides its customers with consumer goods from top brands at competitive prices.


In 2019, with around 6000 stores, the company was considered one of the largest convenience chains in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe. In 2018, Zabka opened its fifth logistic center, and nowadays it also possesses 21 Transshipment terminals with over 10.000 employees.


In 2016, Zabka selected PSAplast attached lid boxes for its home delivery service. The 65 thousand boxes supplied had 600x400mm and a height of 400mm, these were purchased with a ticket window. The PSAplast box design assures that it is not possible to remove the labels while the lids are closed, in this way it is possible to ensure that the label wont get lost. Tamper evident seals are also used when transporting goods to the final customer.


To ensure the proper functioning of the preparation lines all boxes were supplied with two barcode labels with sequential numbering.  


Recently Zabka decided to expand its stock of boxes, and it resorted again to PSAplast. More 16 thousand boxes were supplied, but now with a high of 265mm.


PSAplast provides attached lid boxes with 600x400mm and 400x300mm with different heights for several different uses, where it is essential to avoid theft or risk or theft, such as for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, perfumes, mobile phones, etc.