Electronic components, or explosives

Many electronic components are easily damaged by static discharges, which may reach several thousand volts.
To avoid such a risk they must be handled in conductive boxes or containers.
PSAplast is able to produce (for minimum order quantities) boxes, containers, and lids in conductive plastic material.
PSAplast has measuring equipment which enables it to control and to provide measurements of:
- Surface resistance (Ohm / square)
- Static charge accumulated on a product (in kV), which clearly distinguishes packaging produced with conductive plastic, from packaging produced with standard plastic.


When handling explosives (for pyrotecnics, or for actuating devices such as airbags or seatbelt tensioners) a static discharge could have fatal consequences. In these cases the use of packaging produced by PSAplast in conductive plastic is of foremost importance.

If you need conductive thermoformed trays with compartments for your sensitive products, to enable you to stack several layers of products in our conductive boxes, do not hesitate to call us.